Roman Sima

Howdy! I am a multidisciplinary designer based in New York City making design projects for a variety of clients. I also run CONCEPTDOT, Pikature and HowTechie while volunteering for No More Fear Foundation. Check me out or get in touch!


Photography is a hobby of mine. When I'm not designing, I'm taking photos and making them look better. You will find them here.


CONCEPTDOT is a design publication founded in 2015 by Roman Sima. CONCEPTDOT's mission is to serve the latest concepts in the technological field in their most simplistic way. All of CONCEPTDOT's publications are created by Roman Sima.


HowTechie is a technology-focused news publication founded in 2015 by Roman Sima. HowTechie's mission is to offer the most important news coverage and in-depth reviews, product information, and recommendations via a unified, modern platform.


Pikature is a free and premium marketplace of carefully selected visual elements and design services. We serve stock photos, illustrations, videos and educational courses. The majority of Pikature's inspiring and evocative products are created by Roman Sima.

Freedom 2 Love

No Love Without Freedom, No Freedom Without Love

Healthsome Tips

Healthsome Tips started out because there were too much information and plenty of empty promises to turn you away from seeking a healthy council. Your health is in your hands, so by giving a damn about your body, and making sure you do something consistently will give you a chance to live a long, healthy life. Healthsome Tips is here to give you access to the right information, at your own pace.

Based in New York City

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