At Duggal INNOLAB, we constantly explore new ideas and concepts for potential new products. As a core member of the team, I have the opportunity to work on various projects that challenge my comfort zone and push me to think creatively. Some of the demos I enjoyed working on the most are included below.

I enjoy coming up with conceptual projects, especially those that deal with new forms of visual immersion. In my early years at INNOLAB, I explored content installations that would allow you to zoom in indefinitely through a photo library while keeping the shape constant, a flip-through catalog/ carousel for touch tables, a scrollable media canvas among multiple others. These projects appealed to me since they were initially tricky in technical approach and required me to think outside the box. Most of these explorations and acquired skills have found a home in my commercial work for Duggal INNOLAB.

A demo for a clothing shop’s touch kiosk was another project that I enjoyed working on. This multifunctional navigation tool could be used for a wide range of activities, including browsing the store’s product catalog. It was interesting to consider various options for it.

The eyeglasses store was an interactive demo tailored for the glossy sheen of a touch mirror. The goal was to provide the user with a means to view and try on pairs of glasses and lenses.

This dual-screen touch experience was designed to link displays that are close to the controller board. The INNOLAB’s tour guides now use it as an essential tool in showcasing some of their most notable projects.

I was tasked with exploring a themable cosmetics & fitness-themed interactive experience that would run equally well on the glossy sheen of a touch mirror and the small screens. I used ample negative space to differentiate the content better while maintaining a branded sense of style and function.

I enjoy working on these lab demos because it allows me to be creative and explore different ideas. It’s always exciting to see what new product we will develop next.